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Luxury Kitchen

Horizon™ dimmers and keypads give you custom control built to accentuate your lifestyle and décor.


Stylish and exquisitely simple, yet highly customizable, Cameo keypads easily install alongside other standard low-voltage in-wall devices. The option of wired or wireless connectivity allows easy, flexible installation in both new and existing homes. Choose from 12 color-matched textured or smooth decorator-style faceplates and versatile button combinations/sizes. Most models feature customizable backlit engraving.

Handmade in Belgium, Basalte multi-touch keypads and sensors give you the potential to take your system designs to a yet higher level of functionality, customization, and sophistication. Cherry-pick from a comprehensive control portfolio with a uniform design language, using only high-grade finishes such as aluminum, bronze, brass, glass and even leather.


Invisible Speakers

Yes totally INVISIBLE, enhance your home with amazing high performance invisible speakers, 

Custom Trims

Elevate your home with custom trims hiding your plugs and switches blending it in your design

hide a trim.PNG

Moterized Shades

Let the morning sunshine in, settle down for bedtime, and everything in-between with intuitive window treatments designed to make the outside view an automatic delight.

Fabric color can be customized with our exclusive service. We will perfectly match your roller shade fabric to a Pantone® color code or physical sample.


Fabric selection is an essential part of window treatment design. Crestron offers more than 400 fabric selections to choose from, including transparent, translucent, and blackout materials. We offer a full complement of brackets and accessories for each window treatment type.

Modern luxury villa with swimming pool.jpg

Circadian Lighting

Lighting, whether natural or artificial, affects your moods, concentration, and energy levels, as well as the quality of your sleep. Tunable LED lights and automated shades can be set to work with your body’s circadian rhythm to help support your well-being and promote restorative sleep.

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